Use and Value of Compostable Plastics Survey

Section II

The compostable plastics project team has received a grant to develop a toolkit that will compile resources for municipalities, allowing them to support residents, businesses, and compost facilities in their areas with the purchase and management of compostable plastics. Tools might include background information, sample program documents, training and other resources for municipal staff.


Included below are some possible tools that might be created for a municipal tool kit to support sustainable management of compostable plastics. How valuable would each tool be to your jurisdiction in understanding and managing compostable plastics?

 Extremely Valuable Moderately Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable  
Sample purchasing policies  
Lists of approved compostable products from municipalities and compost facilities  
Ideas and sample outreach materials for residential audiences  
Ideas and sample outreach materials for business technical support  
Sample certification labeling for municipal adoption  
Sample protocols to test compostable plastics disintegration at the compost facility  
Labeling and identification guidelines  
Current and emerging research clearinghouse  
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If your municipality/jurisdiction has an existing program to support the collection of yard trimmings or food scraps using compostable plastics, please mark any of the tools that you have developed for use in your program
Purchasing policies
Municipal certification labeling for approved compostable plastics
Outreach for residential audiences
Outreach for business technical support
Sample protocols to test disintegration of compostable plastics at the compost facility
Municipal ordinances
Labeling and Identification guidelines
Research on the use and function of compostable plastics