FlyersRights Survey

Your feedback and suggestions are needed for future directions and issues for!


What are Your priority issues?   

Please select your top three (3) concerns:

Airline Mergers & Competition issues
Deceptive/unfair ticket pricing & advertising
Delay, Scheduling, Customer Service Complaints
Travel Insurance Issues
Environment issues
Airport related issues
Flight Safety, Security & Health Issues
Tarmac Delays and Strandings
TSA Complaints
Bumping or Over sales
Lost and Mishandled Luggage
Compensation for Excessive Flight Delays
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  • 500 characters left. operates primarily with motivated volunteers, not paid staff.  

If you want to go from passive support and general interest, to affecting real change, help build and be a part of a strong airline passenger organization, consider becoming a FlyersRights volunteer. 

You'll meet other similarly inclined air travelers, learn new and teach others important skills.  It will also be interesting and even exciting. Pledge as little as 12 hours per year TODAY and make real difference!

To take the first step, print out and return the below form by mail (, 4411 Bee Ridge Rd. #274, Sarasota, FL 34233), fax (240-391-1923) or by email attachment (, for questions or more information on volunteering call 800-662-1859.

(use additional sheets for more detailed info)




Phone #:

Fax No.:

When is the best time and way to contact you:

Present Employment status/job/profession:

Describe Past job history and experience:



Professional licenses or certifications:

Description of your air travel history and experience, present and past:

Activities I could potentially do as a volunteer (yes, no, maybe):

* Assisting other travelers by phone or email re complaints

* IT & Internet

* Fundraising (specify type)

* Issue Research & writing 

* Survey research 

* Lobbying

* Editing

* Travel to attend meetings & conferences 

* PR & Media work

* Expert advice & opinion

* Whistle blower support

* Legal advice & litigation

* Air Traveler Product/ service Development  and rating work

* Tax & Accounting

* Travel insurance 

* Donated aircraft sales, insurance,  and management

* Conference/event planning

Please list any particular interest or concern in fostering in air travel rights:

Hours you are potentially available to pledge as a volunteer (specify as weekly/monthly or yearly):
Do you require reimbursement for expenses related to volunteer work (if so specify):

Other volunteer or unpaid  positions you have held in the last 10 years:

Describe past and present involvement with, if any:

Nation(s) of Citizenship:
Languages spoken/written:

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