Emporia Main Street Survey
 Emporia Main Street constantly works to introduce potential businesses to property owners.  In an effort to become more efficient, we have decided to produce a basic property form for owners, and the information collected through the form will be relayed to potential renters or buyers.  Emporia Main Street is not a real estate agency, and we hope that information collected and digitally advertised will aid real estate agents in their selling or renting process.  We will relay collected information to potential renters/buyers.  If you choose not to provide complete information, we may not be able to effectively help market your property.  You can resubmit a form for each individual property you would like to list.  We will then convert the property listings to forms that we will list on-line and replicate through several digital formats.
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Please list a single downtown property you have available for rent or sale within the downtown area of Emporia (you can enter multiple properties by filling out additional forms). 


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Please check the appropriate property status below 

The property is for rent- only
The property is for sale- only
The property is for sale or rent
Please e-mail any images of the exterior or interior of the building you would like used for marketing purposes (in a jpeg format) to: main.street@emporia-kansas.gov .

If your property is for rent, what is the monthly rent rate?  What is included in the rental fee (i.e. utilities, remodel allowance, etc.)


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If the property is for rent, are there any fees the renter is responsible for above and beyond the rent rate? (i.e. utilities, insurance, maintenance fees)

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If the property is for sale, what is your asking price?


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If the property is for sale, who is your listing agent?  Please list their name, all contact information, company affiliation and any links associated with your property via a sales based web site through your listing agent.


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Have you made any recent improvements to the property?  Please list any improvements you believe relevant.

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Is there anything else that a potential renter/buyer should know about your property that you would like to add?


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