WYBSL Baseball Umpire Survey (Fall 2013)
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Required 1.
Thank you for supporting the WYBSL and umpiring this season!  This survey will help us help you become a better umpire.  Please enter your name and email address below, before starting.

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Required 2.

Conditions for an infield fly include:

Less than 2 outs
Runners on 1st & 2nd and 3rd
A fair ball that is readily catchable by an infielder
All of the above
Required 3.

A proper appeal

can be made by touching the intended runner, base missed or original base
must be done before the next ptich
must be clearly intended verbal or unmistable act
All of the above
Required 4.

In the WYBSL Green Hat baseball league

on a dropped 3rd strike the runner can advance to 1st at his/her own peril
all the outfielders must start in the outfield grass
the infield fly rule is enforced
B, & C only
Required 5.

Catcher's obstruction is

an immediate dead ball and the batter-runner is awarded 1st base
ignored if all runners advance at least one base
only called if the catcher's mitt falls off
All of the above
Required 6.

Which of the following examples would be considered a foul ball?

A line drive hits third base (on the fly) and ricochets into left field
Fly ball hits right fielder squarely in foul territory and drops in fair territory
Ball hits home plate and is picked up by the catcher in fair territory
all of the above
Required 7.

A runner leading off before the baseball crosses home plate

will be called out - and ball is immediately dead
can be called out upon proper appeal
is out, an immediate dead ball and all other runners go back to position at time of pitch
A & C only
Required 8.
Before the game during ground rules the WYBSL-trained umpire must:
go over out-of-play boundaries at the field
ask head each head coach if players are properly equipped (and insist on an answer)
get a "game card" from the home team
All of the above
Required 9.
Which of the following is considered false:
A fielder, without possession of the ball, denies access to base runner is obstruction
A ball thrown out of play (first throw by an infielder) results in a two base award from the time of the pitch
In the middle of an at-bat, the defensive coach notifies the umpire that the wrong batter is batting. This results in an out - the "correct" batter is inserted with the existing count.
None of the above
Required 10.
With the coach changing a pitcher in the middle of an inning, the umpire:
must limit the number of warm-up pitches to 3
would not have to note pitcher on game card
would not have this action count as a defensive conference
B & C
Required 11.
 A "foul tip" is a:
batted ball that goes directly into the catcher's hands and legally caught
live ball
All of the above
Required 12.
A complaint by a coach:
can be made for any call made (or not made) by the umpire
must be noted to the umpire and opposing coach before the start of the next inning
must be witnessed by a League official
None of the above
Required 13.
A fair batted ball (unintentionally) touches a runner after passing fielder (other than the pitcher):
batter is called out and is an immediate dead ball
all runners go back to the time of the pitch
A & B
None of the above
Required 14.
A pitch that bounces in the dirt prior to reaching the plate:
is an automatic "ball"
cannot result in a hit-by-pitch since it hit the dirt first
should not be a called 3rd strike
All of the above
Required 15.
If a parent or player is ejected from a game, the umpire:
must note the team & player's number or name on the game card
must notify Umpire Director or assignor the evening of the game
must have a parent leave the field; a player will not be required to leave field
All of the above
Required 16.
Runner interference
is an immediate dead ball and the runner involved is called out
is a delayed dead ball and runner called out at the end of the play
has to be from intentional physical contact
A & C
Required 17.
 A base runner:
must slide
cannot be ejected for malicious contact if he/she slides
A & B
Neither A nor B
Required 18.
A carelessly thrown bat:
Results in a team warning for the 1st occurrence and Is an OUT (batter) for the 2nd and all following occurrences
Is a delayed dead ball unless the thrown bat interferes with the defender
Is a bench restriction for the player (second occurrence of a thrown bat by same player) and the head coach upon the 3rd (total) occurrence in a game
All of the above
Required 19.
Hearing thunder or seeing lightning, the umpire must:
notify the coaches and immediately clear the field & dugouts
wait 20 minutes from last incidence before restarting game
Note stop time and add the wait time to total game time
All of the above
Required 20.
 Proper plate mechanics would have the umpire do the following:
Keep head steady, following ball with eyes
Align in the "slot"- same side as the batter
Keep home plate relatively "clean"
All of the above
Required 21.
Conditions that must be met for a dead ball to become live:
Ball is held by pitcher in a legal pitching position
Batter & catcher are in respective boxes
Umpire gives appropriate signal
All of the above
Required 22.
Athletes exhibiting signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion:
must be immediately removed from the game or practice
shall not return to play prior to being cleared by an appropriate health care professional
may have a concussion even if no event was witnessed on the field
All of the above
Required 23.
Which of the following is true:
an uncaught foul ball is an immediate dead ball
intentional walks are not allowed
any pitcher can be reinserted back in the game as a pitcher only once
WYBSL umpires can modify certain rules with coach approval before the game
Required 24.
Which of the following is considered true:
during an "infield fly", a runner off the base is "protected" and can't be tagged out
a strike will be charged to the batter when a pitch is struck at and missed, even if the pitch touches the batter
players arriving late are inserted anywhere in the line-up, with no penalty
proper mechanics has the umpire verbally call out "fair" on close calls near the base line
Required 25.
In WYBSL Boys Green Hat:
no team can score more that 8 runs in an inning
stealing home is not allowed
a pitcher hitting 3 batters in game must be removed as a pitcher for rest of game
All of the above
Required 26.
A base runner is allowed to:
run within 3 feet of a line between the bases
swerve up to 3 feet to avoid a tag
jump over a player to avoid a tag
All of the above
Required 27.
Which of the following is false: 
If a batter assumes an exaggerated stance (such as a crouch) the umpire shall use his judgment to determine what the natural stance would be for the batter
Intentional walks can be awarded any time- ball is "dead" and must be put back in play
New pitchers are limited to 5 pitches between innings to keep the game moving
In Green Hat, a pitcher hitting 3 batters must be removed from the game
Required 28.
On a close play at the plate, base runner after just touching plate lowers his shoulder and runs over the catcher who drops the ball:
this is malicious contact and results in an ejection
the run does not count
the head coach should get a warning
All of the above
Required 29.
In WYBSL Boys Red Hat:
there is a modified balk rule
there is a 10-run rule per inning
no metal cleats are allowed
All of the above
Required 30.
Which of the following is false?
When the defense makes a pitching change, a defensive conference is not charged
Only the starting pitcher can return as pitcher later in the game
Two charged defensive conferences are allowed per 6 innings
Lead-offs are not allowed- violation is an immediate dead ball & runner is out
Required 31.
The primary differences between Green Hat & Red Hat include the following:
In Green Hat there are no balks & in Red Hat, a modified balk rule
In Green Hat there is no stealing of home & in Red Hat it is allowed
In Red Hat a runner can advance on a dropped 3rd strike (not so in Green Hat)
All of the above
Required 32.
 Which of the following is false for the WYBSL:
A batter-runner who reaches first safely and overruns the base must turn back toward foul territory when returning to base or risk being tagged out
Adult coaches are not required to be in uniform during the game
The NFHS rule for bats shall not apply. Bats must have "Little League" legend
All of the above
Required 33.
Which of the following base awards for a ball going out of play is wrong:
1st throw from an outfielder is 2 bases from the time of the throw
1st throw from an infielder is 2 bases from the time of the pitch
2nd throw from an infielder is 2 bases from time of pitch
None of the above
Required 34.
Fall Ball:
Has shortened number of warm-up pitches- 6 for new pitchers & 3 for returning pitchers
Games start earlier- 5:30 and/or 5:00 (after daylight savings time)
Does not have a season-ending tournament
All of the above
Required 35.
Which of the following are true?
Getting out from behind the plate can allow umpire to get a better angle to make call
"Preventative Umpiring" is encouraged by the WYBSL
Balls are shown on the left hand, Strikes on the right hand
All of the above
Required 36.
Which of the following considered good communication strategies in dealing with difficult coach:   

Stay calm, but never say "calm down" to the coach
Listen, Empathize, Ask questions, Paraphrase, Summarize (LEAPS)
ESPN rule- do you want your actions showing up on ESPN?
All of the above