Elevate Unlimited Plan: Cancellation Request
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We are sorry to see you go. Please complete the following 5 questions. Upon submission you will be redirected to pay the $30 cancellation fee per the terms of the agreement. Once your request and payment is received, an Elevate staff member will confirm this by email.

Please remember you will retain your unlimited privileges until your next billing cycle. If you would like to downgrade and purchase one of our Class Packages, while you retain your unlimited status, then we will provide a 10% discount at checkout to show our appreciation for being an Unlimited Member.

If you purchased a Monthly Unlimited Plan in 2013, then your activation fee serves as your cancellation fee and only submission of this survey is required.

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What is the primary reason for cancelling your unlimited package? (select all that apply)
Medical Issue (*a signed Doctor's note must be received in order to return)
I feel that I am attending classes too infrequetly
My budget can no longer afford the monthly investment
Relocation out of the area
Temporarily out of the area (e.g., business travel, vacation, or etc...)
I am unsatisfied with the workout I receive here
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Please rate the following question: "How likely are you to...
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Recomend Elevate Group Fitness to Someone Else?
Sign-up for an Elevate Class in the Future?
Purchase a 10 or 20 Class Package at 20% discount while you still retain your Unlimited privileges?
Participate in an Elevate Health Educational Workshops?
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Please rate your satisfaction with Elevate Group Fitness:
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Studio Space / Environment (e.g., beautiful, clean, elegant)
Instructors (e.g., good energy, clear communication, inspiring)
Workout (e.g., effective, challenging, energizing, variety)
Schedule (e.g., variety of classes, time offered, number of classes)
Location (e.g., ease of parking, easy to find, convenient)
Front Desk (e.g., helpful, approachable, welcoming)
Website (e.g., ease of use, clear & concise, aesthetically pleasing)
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In your own words, what could we have done with the Unlimited program to keep your participation? Or, any additional comments or feedback?

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