Northwest Gifted Child Association - Listening Tour Survey
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NWGCA is conducting a Listening Tour to gather opinions, desires, and needs from families with gifted children across Washington state.  We hope to shape the future organization around the themes that we hear. 

Would you please respond to our survey so that your voice is heard? It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.
Required 1.
What ages are your kid(s)?
Infant - 2 years old
3 - 4 years old
5 - 6 years old
7-9 years old
10-12 years old
13-16 years old
17-20 years old
21 or older
Don't have any children

What city do you live in? 


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What types of schooling approaches have you used with your kids, now or in the past? (Select all that apply) 

Public School
Private School
Full Time Gifted Classroom
Part Time/Pullout Gifted Program
Afterschool Programs/Classes
Home Enrichment (Afterschool)
Online Classes for Gifted (CTY, EPGY, etc.)
Clustering Gifted Students in One Classroom
Waiver into a Different School District
Early Entrance to Kindergarten
Accelerated One or More Full Grades
Accelerated in a Particular Subject(s)
Regular Public School Program
What has been your experience getting your kid(s) to qualify for a public school gifted or highly capable program?  Select all that apply (across all of your children).
My school district does not offer a program for any grade
My child is too young/old for school district's program
My child tested, and qualified the first time
My child tested, and qualified after filing an appeal
My child tested, and did not get a qualifying score, and we did not appeal
My child tested, appealed, and the appeal was denied
My child tested multiple years before qualifying
My child has tested multiple years, and still has not gotten a qualifying score
My child received formal testing accommodations due to an IEP or 504 plan
We have not tried to test my child, even though a program is available
I have had my child tested privately by a psychologist or neuropsychologist

What "exceptionalities" besides giftedness do you manage in your household? 

Speech Impediment
Vision Processing Issues (requiring therapy, not glasses)
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Sensory Integration (SI)
Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD, APD)
Clinical Anxiety, Depression, or Other Mood Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
Visual-Spatial Learning Style

What services that NWGCA provides have you taken advantage of in the past? 

Printed newsletter mailer (before 2012)
Email newsletter (2013)
Attended Last Year's Connections Conference (2013)
Attended Previous Connections Conference (2012 or before)
Hearing about latest legislative & advocacy news
Hearing about latest research & articles about gifted kids
Personal advice about your child/situation
Assistance with advocacy in your school district
Attended a presentation by NWGCA
Matchmaking to find gifted playmates

Is there any sort of parent group for gifted kids in your area that holds meetings or other events? 

Yes, and I have held a leadership role (now or in the past)
Yes, and I participate regularly
Yes, and I participate occasionally
Yes, but I don't participate in the group
No, there isn't a group, but I'd like to start one!
No, there isn't a group (and I don't want to start one)
I'm not sure if there is a group in my area or not

How many IN-PERSON events have you attended in the past concerning the needs of the gifted? (Not just NWGCA events - any sort of conference, evening talk, parent group meeting, school program presentation, discussion group, etc.) 

Never attended an event
One event
Two events
3-4 events
5-9 events
10 events or more
NWGCA has hosted the Connections Conference every spring since 2008. What has kept you from attending the Connections Conference in the past? Select all that apply.
I have been to the Connections Conference at least once.
I don't see value in attending the conference more than once.
Too expensive (typically $60 for one person, $5 for an additional family member)
Needed childcare
Keynote speaker not interesting
Breakout sessions not interesting
Topics covered not interesting
Content too introductory in nature
No sessions available for kids
Too far away
Too early in the morning
I didn't know anyone else who was going
Conflict on the conference date
I didn't know that the conference was happening

What formats most appeal to you for services that NWGCA could provide in the future? 

Email newsletter
Full day conference
Workshop with presentation & discussion for parents
Multi-session discussion group for parents
NWGCA giving a talk in my community/school for parents
Informal party or gathering for families
Workshops & enrichment activities for kids
Single-session class for kids to learn about their own giftedness
Multi-session, ongoing discussion group for kids
Someone to talk with when I need advice

What topics are you most wanting to learn more about? 

General introduction to giftedness
Sensitivities & overexcitabilities (OEs)
Anxiety and extreme emotions
Executive function
Making friends & social development
Building persistence, grit, resilience
Preventing underachievement
Imposter syndrome
Building self-awareness, comfort with self
Finding a great school situation
Twice exceptional (gifted + a disability)
Early childhood (preschool - Kindergarten)
Elementary school (grades 1-5)
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (grades 9-12)
Advocating for your child at school
Deeper level content (beyond introductory)

Rate the following statements in terms of your agreement. 

 Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree 
My gifted children's current educational situation is working well.
I believe putting my child in a gifted program is optimal for their ACADEMIC development.
I believe putting my child in a gifted program is optimal for their SOCIAL development.
I would like to get my spouse more involved in understanding our kid(s) giftedness.
My own school experience supported me well as a gifted learner.
I would like to learn more about my own giftedness and its effect on my adult life.

Would you recommend NWGCA to a friend with gifted children? 

Definitely Yes
Probably Yes
Probably Not
Definitely Not

What are your biggest needs, desires, or challenges parenting your gifted children?  How could NWGCA best help you? What ideas do you have for us? 


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If there is one thing you could change about your own past experience as a gifted child, what would it be? 


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Thank you for your responses!  Rest assured that we will be reading them very closely.

If anything on this survey has raised a question or gotten your wheels turning, and you'd like to talk to a board member about it, please email us at 

NWGCA relies on motivated people to volunteer their time and talent in their communities or state-wide. Got an idea?  We're here to help you get started.

We'd love to hear from you!