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Petition Statement
This petition has been created to Preserve Historic Iconic Hollywood Park Race Track and Wildlife Sanctuary. In light of the recent indictments of California Senators of serious crime, corruption and fraud that likely cost us Bay Meadows Race Track in San Mateo, there is a groundswell of renewed hope and support from within the USA and from horse racing fans around the world for Hollywood Park Race Track be preserved as a functioning racetrack and modified to provide Horse Wellness Programs to our Military and Veterans with WAR TRAUMA. 

Petition Background
JOIN the petition to preserve the historic iconic California landmark, Hollywood Park Racetrack and Wildlife sanctuary. One of our strategies is to list Hollywood Park Race Track and Casino as one of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in 2014 with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Our goal is to leverage our local racing community and the 10000's of fans coming to California for the World Breeder's Cup and to gather as many signatures as possible to deliver to both the National Trust and to our California Governor Jerry Brown. 
We have being contacting Governor Brown's office requesting a meeting to discuss the future of the Hollywood Park Race Track in Inglewood, C.A since last summer. Congresswoman Judy Chu of Arcadia met with me before Christmas and supports our proposal for Horse Wellness Programs for Veterans at racetracks and has tired to help us to get a meeting with Inglewood Congresswoman Maxine Waters who won't return my letters, emails or calls. Former Inglewood #Senator #RoderickWright who sponsored legislation to help the owners of HP as recently as Jan 1 2014 went to jail in February charged with 8 felonies including fraud. We believe because of the fraud and corruption conviction that the entire permit process to develop Hollywood Park needs to be reevaluated.

The American Association of Equine Sports Preservation (AAESP), is circulating two petitions already signed by over 4,000 people to transform this historic racetrack into a world-class, multi-use entertainment complex, international horse training park, and premier center for Horse Wellness Programs benefiting U.S. military veterans and children with autism. Along with Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, our home town horse and Triple Crown contender, California Chrome, and our close allies in the horse racing industry we would like to join forces with our Governor to help save the lives of our active #Military and #Veterans- 16k in C.A are homeless and many suffering PTSD. #CrossFire

In 1991, the track underwent a $20 million reconstruction project which included the construction of six handicapped-equipped barns. In all, there are 18 barns with 1,950 stalls, 619 tack rooms, and 216 feed rooms. In 2006, a new cushion track racing surface was installed, making the track soft and safe for horses.