Quilt Story Search Fall 2013
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Quilt Story Search is a new quarterly online quiz brought to you by the Quilt Alliance created to introduce and demonstrate projects like Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories and The Quilt Index to people who love quilts.

Top scorers will be entered to win prizes donated by a featured sponsor. Our Fall 2013 sponsor is Aurifil logo Here are some links that will help you play Quilt Story Search:
QSOS logo no url Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories

Grassroots oral history project preserving the stories of today's quiltmakers from all over the US and abroad. More than 1,000 interviews with today's quiltmakers currently on the Quilt Alliance website and archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.  


The Quilt Index, a partner project

A national online database of more than 54,000 quilt records bringing new access to detailed information

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Required 2.

The sunny yellow and pink White House Steps quilt pictured here, contributed to The Quilt Index by the New England Quilt Museum, looks just like today's "wonky log cabin" quilts.  


What decade was it made?

Want a hint?
Click here to browse through Quilt Index records that have the pattern name "White House Steps." 


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Required 3.

Quiltmaker Jamie Fingal, pictured below, gives new meaning to the phrase "heavy metal."  


What sewing notion is featured in her "Metal Measures" quilt, created for the Quilt Alliance's 2010  New from Old contest?

Want a hint? Follow the "New from Old" link above, look for Jamie's quilt and click on the thumbnail to read about her quilt and how she made it. 


Forks and spoons.
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Required 4.


Time for a snack! There are  27 records in The Quilt Index with the pattern Cracker. Josephine Star of Austin, Texas made the Cracker quilt pictured below for her daughter who donated the quilt to the Texas Memorial Museum in 1985. The quilt is now part of the Winedale Quilt Collection contributed to The Quilt Index by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin. 


What was her daughter's first name?


Want a hint? Follow the link above to view the quilts with the Cracker pattern, browse through the records till you find Josephine's Star quilt (pictured below) and click on the Basic record to read the story of of the quilt. 

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Required 5.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe, one of the founding members of the NYC Mod Quilt Guild, says in her  Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview that for her, modern quilting is about keeping all the rules open. In her interview, she talks about a quilt she made 15 years ago that mimicked her grandmother's style of crazy quilting.   


What is the title of Victoria's quilt (detail below)?


Want a hint? On the Q.S.O.S. home page, select Browse by Interviewee. Then select Victoria Findlay Wolfe's name in the list and in the next screen, click on the quilt thumbnail image to view and read Victoria's interview.   



"Everything But the Kitchen Sink"
"No Holes Barred"
"Crazy for Memories"
"Rule Rebellion"
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Required 6.

The Michigan State University Museum's quilt collection numbers more than 500 and includes historical and contemporary examples from around the world. This quilt was made in 2,000 and is part of one of the museum's traveling exhibitions. The record includes this description: "The range depicts the interrelationships of colour and light, as well as the manipulation of space through colour, using colourful strips of cotton fabric, seedbeads and multi-coloured embroidery cotton, in a simple unpretentious sewing technique."


In what country was this quilt made?


Want a hint? From the Quilt Index home page Click on the Search tab and Quilts from the drop-down menu. Type in "embroidered quilt" under Pattern name and select "Michigan State University Museum" under Contributor/Institution. Scroll through the search results to find the quilt below. 



United States (Native American).
South Africa.
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