Thank you for taking the time to complete this Legacy Readiness assessment! It has been developed by Building Legacies International in conjunction with The Genysys Group. Please provide a response to EVERY statement. They are designed to help you assess the state of your Legacy awareness and readiness. Legacy is what we intend to leave behind and pass forward to those who succeed us personally and/or professionally.  Based upon your current understanding and awareness of the following legacy related statements, please fill in the number that indicates the extent you agree with the statements. The rating scale ranges from STRONGLY DISAGREE (1) to STRONGLY AGREE (6). IF YOU HAVE LITTLE OR NO KNOWLEDGE, PLEASE SCORE A "3" WHICH IS INDICATIVE OF NOT BEING SURE. It is important that there is a response to each statement. Once the assessment has been completed, the results will be sent to Building Legacies International and you will receive a response from them. 

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