More Maine Meat Survey 2013

You are invited to participate in a voluntary survey regarding the status of Maine's meat industry conducted by Donna Coffin of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. UMaine Cooperative Extension and the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society who initiated the More Maine Meat project to try to improve opportunities for everyone involved in Maine's meat industry.   The More Maine Meat project has a wide array of activities, but its primary goal is to "significantly increase the amount of meat that is produced, processed, distributed, and sold in Maine, and simultaneously increase wealth among those involved in Maine's meat industry.


What Will You Be Asked to Do?

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to answer questions on an online survey that will be available through the secure website, Constant Contact, and should take about 20 minutes.  Your contact information was derived from existing Extension contacts and addresses.



Except for your time and inconvenience, there are no risks to you from participating in this survey. 



While this study may have no direct benefit to you, this survey will help us learn more about the needs of the meat industry in Maine and what efforts could be conducted to increase the amount of meat grown, processed and consumed in Maine. 

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