Application to Be a Remote Police Complaint Intake Site
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Eligibility Requirements

In order to become a remote complaint intake site, an organization must agree to:

  • Send all appropriate staff to a 2 hour training on the Complaint Process & Interview and Listening Skills
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with OIPM that includes but is not limited to the following terms:
  1.  ________ agrees to use forms provided by the Independent Police Monitor to take in police misconduct complaints or commendations.
  2.  ________ will collect and turn over these complaints via electronic transmission within 48 hours or via postal service within 3 business days.
  3.   ________ agrees to neither modify nor investigate any complaints they take in. These restrictions include but are not limited to contacting complaint witnesses, gathering evidence related to the complaint, or instructing the complainant on what to say.
  4. The IPM agrees to provide ________ with the appropriate forms and will train any and all relevant ________ personnel within 90 days of the signing of this agreement.
  5. The IPM agrees to notify the complainant by mail of the receipt of their complaint and any requests for information and final disposition of complaint investigation.  If ________ has further contact with complainant and requires a status update on the complaint investigation, they may contact Maya Terrance of the IPM and will receive a response within a week.
  6. The IPM will provide materials that explain the complaint investigation process to ________. ________ staff may answer questions related to the complaint process. Any other questions should be directed to the IPM. In the event that the complainant speaks a language that no IPM staff can communicate through, ________ agrees to provide staff to translate.
  7.  ________ staff is restricted to complaint intake only. They are not representatives of the IPM, are not restricted by the rules governing the IPM, and cannot speak or act on behalf of its interests.
  8. ________ and IPM agree to meet at least quarterly to discuss any questions or concerns regarding complaints or the complaint intake process.


Please provide the names, email addresses, and titles for all staff that you would like trained to take complaints. 


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In a maximum of 1,000 (including spaces) characters, please describe how becoming a complaint intake site supports your personal and organizational mission: 


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