Manifesting StewardHeirShip of Soda Springs Ranch
This survey is one of several initiatives designed to help individuals and organizations interested in acquiring and operating the 134 acre property known as Soda Springs Ranch explore possible creative, innovative and collaborative ways to discern and help manifest the "ultimate destiny" of this extraordinary resource. In addition to this initial survey, there are other visioning and strategic planning resources available at

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share information about yourself, any organization(s) you represent, your interest in the property, how you would envision it being acquired, maintained and operated, etc. Thank You!

Would you be willing to explore possible collaborative acquisition and operation of the property?

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Are you willing to contribute your vision and ideas for utilization of the property by participating in one or more visioning, brainstorming and strategic planning processes? 

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Do you represent any organization(s) that might help acquire, maintain and or operate the property? If yes, please list them and describe briefly their nature, purpose and potential role in the property.


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Have you previously successfully generated funding for non-profit organizations and or raised equity capital for a company? If yes, please provide any relevant details.


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Do you deliver or facilitate programs, products and or services that could be offered at the property and help pay for its operation? If yes, please list them and share a brief description of what they are and how they would contribute toward the upkeep of the property.


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Have you previously had experience acquiring, developing and or operating a similar project? If yes, please provide a brief description of any relevant skills or expertise.


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Please check any previous experiences and or expertise you have in the following related areas: 

Real Estate
Community and or Economic Development
Business and or Entrepreneurship
Intentional Communities, Cohousing or Cooperatives
Community Land Trusts
Leadership and or Management
Public Relations
Fundraising (non-profit or equity capital)
Grant Writing
Event Production and or Promotion
Visioning and or Strategic Planning
Facilitating Seminars/Workshops
Sustainable Living (organic gardening/farming, permaculture, aquaponics, etc)
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Please share the relevant details for any areas you checked above.


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Do you own or have access to assets or resources that could help add value to the operation and maintenance of the property (such as equipment, furnishings, fixtures, etc)? If yes, please briefly describe them.


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Please indicate which of the following possible ways you might participate in helping discern how a group of individuals and cause-oriented organizations could collectively manifest stewardheirship over the property: 

Participate in visioning and or planning meetings
Serve on a committee or subcommittee
Contribute my ideas and suggestions (other than in meetings)
Offer my tax-exempt non-profit as a lead agency and or Fiscal Sponsor
Donate time, energy and or funds to this discovery process
Help market and promote a shared vision for the property if one is developed
Donate time, energy and or funds to help acquire and or operate the property
Invest in the project (if it develops as I would support)
Deliver programs, products and services to benefit the project after the property is acquired.
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Please share any comments and your suggestions for possible refinements to this survey and or additional questions, etc.


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Please enter any of the information indicated below that you are willing to provide.

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