The Gorge Fly Shop BRANDS Survey
The Gorge Fly Shop Team is looking forward in 2014. Thanks to all of you we've had many successful years and have never stopped growing. We have put together this survey to ask you what brands or products do you have interest in. With so many choices it's virtually impossible to carry all fly fishing gear. We would like to make sure we're not missing something. This past year we added Kast Gear, Nomad nets and Flyvines.

Below is a list that we have compiled and by no means it it all inclusive. You also have an option to write in a brand or product that we have missed. You will also find our blog link where you can make additional comments about current, past or possible new fly fishing gear. We value your input and thank you for sharing your passion of fly fishing with us.

Thank you...Gorge Fly Shop Team 

Howler Brothers Clothing
TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters)
Cortland Fly Lines
Beulah Rods
Cheeky Fly Reels
Thomas and Thomas Rods
Grey Rods
Frog Hair Leaders and Tippet
Renzetti fly tying Vises
Dan Bailey Waders and Boots
WIlliam Joseph
Yeti Coolers
Brodin Nets
Loop Rods and Reels
Cliff Fly Boxes
Trout Hunter Leaders and Tippet
Sitka Apparel and Gear
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