2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey
RequiredRequired Question(s)
Thank you for taking our survey. In appreciation for your feedback and time, you'll receive a coupon good for 15% off any clothing, parts, or accessories item in our stores. This coupon will be displayed at the end of the survey.

Please make sure that you are using a computer with an available printer in order to print the coupon.
What products and services have you purchased from us? (Check all that apply.)
Adult bicycle
Kid's bicycle
Cycling clothing
Trailer and/or stroller
Tools, lubricants, and/or cleaners
Other bicycle accessories & parts
Books and/or maps
Tune-up or other repair service
Bike Fitting
Bike Rental
Maintenance class (including free classes)
Required 2.
Which of our stores do you visit most frequently?
Rocky River
I have never visited one of your stores in person.
Why do you choose to visit the store you selected in Question #2? If there are multiple reasons, please choose the reason the BEST describes your feelings.
This is the nearest bike shop to me.
There is another bike shop closer to me, but this is the nearest Century Cycles location.
There is another Century Cycles closer to me, but I prefer this location.
I am often in this area for shopping, recreation, or other activities.
It is on my way to work.
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