Run Wild Missoula Annual Membership Survey
How long have you been a member of Run Wild Missoula?
Less than 6 months
6 months to less than 1 year
1 year to less than 3 years
3 years to less than 5 years
5 years or more

How does Run Wild Missoula help you stay motivated to run or walk?
Please rate each item. 

 Not at all Sometimes No opinion Most of the time All of the time 
Training Classes
Group runs like Saturday Breakfast Runs, Tuesday Track, Beer Runs and Back of the Pack runs
Educational seminars
Incentives like the 1200/2000 Mile Club
7 Races for A Hoodie
Spring and Fall Race Challenge (where members compete in races against each other and results are age-graded)
Monthly newsletter
Social media
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Why are you a member of Run Wild Missoula? Select all that apply. 
Sense of belonging / camaraderie
Discounts on race registrations and class fees
Free group runs/walks (Saturday Breakfast Runs, Tuesday Track, Beer Runs and Back of the Pack Socials)
Discounts offered by local businesses (visit for a complete list)
Newsletter and other Run Wild Missoula communication
Free Runners ID tag for members (visit to find out how to order yours)
Incentives like 1200/2000 Mile Club and 7 Races for a Goodie (hoodie)
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What else could Run Wild Missoula do to encourage and retain memberships?


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Which Run Wild Missoula races did you run or walk in 2013? Select all that apply.
(If you participated in 7 or more RWM races in 2013, your "7 Races for A Hoodie" is ready to pick up in Run Wild Missoula's office at 304 N. Higgins Ave, Basement, Missoula. "7 Races for A Hoodie" will be offered again in 2014, so register for those races!) 
Catch'Em If You Can 5K
Run for the Luck of It 7 Mile or 5K
Superfun(d) Run 10K, 5K or 1 Mile
Pengelly Double or Single Dip
Missoula 5K
Missoula Kids Marathon
Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon
River City Roots 4-Mile Run/Walk
Missoula Mile
Sweathouse Half Marathon
Missoula All Women's Diva Day 5K
Pumpkin Run 5K or 400 Meter Dash
Tread of the Undead Zombie 5K
Turkey Day 8K or 3K Family Fun Run
New Year's Eve 2-Mile Prediction Run
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Which Run Wild Missoula training classes did you participate in in 2013? Select all that apply.
Boston Marathon / Spring Marathon Training Class
Galloway Marathon or Half Marathon Training Class
Missoula Marathon / Half Marathon Running Class
Missoula Marathon Walking Class
Trail Running Class (Spring or Fall)
Beginner Runner 101 Training Class
Beginner Runner 102 Training Class
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How many miles did you run or walk in 2013?
(If you completed 1200 or more we hope you tracked your miles through and participated in the 1200 Mile Club or the 2000 Mile Club. 1200 / 2000 Mile Club hats will be available for pickup in a couple of weeks.)
250 or fewer
1200 - 1999
2000 or more
Did you volunteer for Run Wild Missoula in 2013?
(If you volunteered for RWM for 15 hours or more in 2013 we hope you tracked your volunteer hours through Members who tracked their volunteer hours and volunteered for 15 hours or more will be contacted soon to pick up a special gift.)
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How likely are you to renew your membership this year?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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If asked, would you give above and beyond your annual RWM membership dues in order help us continue organizing quality events and training programs and to fulfill our mission to promote and support running and walking in the community?
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