How May We Best Communicate With You?
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With all the possibilities for social media these days, we want to be sure we are reaching you in the most effective and efficient way possible.  The following 5 question survey will help us understand how you use social media and how we can best serve you.
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First -- please tell us if you are a:

Girl Scout age 18 or younger
Girl Scout Volunteer (Troop Leader, Co-Leader, Cookie Chair...)
Girl Scout Parent (not currently on a Leadership Team)
Girl Scout Alumna
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We are broadly defining social media as using your computer (including tablets), and phones to share information and experiences, including e-mail.  Social media sites include Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Google+, Blogs, and RSS newsfeeds.  


Please choose which statement most closely describes you: 

I don't use a computer for much of anything.
I only use a computer for checking my email -- no social media.
I use social media a little, and consider myself a "beginner".
I am fairly comfortable with social media and use it often.
I use social media regularly for my work and at home.
If Girl Scouts had a badge just for Social Media, I would have earned it several times over.

Please indicate which social media applications you use -- choose as many as needed, and add any others you use that we have left out.

RSS Feed (Blog Aggregator)

Please rank how you prefer to electronically receive information on events, programs, and opportunities from Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.  Please note -- we haven't included "snail-mail" (hard copy postal service) because of the cost factor.

 Most Preferred Acceptable Discouraged   
GSSA Weekly (via e-mail)   
GSSA Website   
GSSA Virtual Volunteer Blog   
GSSA Girl Blog   
GSSA Facebook page   
GSSA Twitter feed   
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Do you have other suggestions for how GSSA can use social media?  We appreciate your input!


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Thank you for participating!  We really appreciate your time.