Kimberton Waldorf School Volunteer Interest Survey
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Thank you for taking the time to consider the many volunteer opportunities available with Kimberton Waldorf School. Please use the following form to sign up for one or more volunteer committees. We couldn't do it without you!
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Please fill out the following so that we may communicate with you about your volunteer interests (if you don't have children in the school, enter "n/a" for the last two items):

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Which of the following volunteer activities would you be interested in participating in? Please select all that apply.
Community Spirit Fund Committee - This committee assists with the annual fund effort. Activities include sending letters and emails, making phone calls to other parents requesting their support, and brainstorming about new ideas.
Craft Show Committee - This committee plans and executes the annual craft show, which raises money for the J. Terry Neville Scholarship Fund. The Craft Show features handmade crafts by juried craftspeople, a Tea Room, and children's activities.
Diversity Committee - This committee oversees the school's mission to value diversity and increase sensitivity to people of various ethnicities, backgrounds, identities, and beliefs.
Festivals Committee - This committee oversees the coordination of the school program surrounding seasonal festivals.
Food for Thought Committee - This committee helps the staff of our organic lunch program prepare and serve daily lunches to our community.
Green Committee - This committee advises facilities on sustainability issues, promotes environmental practices and projects within the school, and holds educational/outreach events with environmental themes.
Outreach Committee - This committee helps move forward the school's marketing efforts by brainstorming about new ideas, attending outreach events, posting reviews on websites, etc.
Parent Education Committee - This committee plans and facilitates meaningful parent education programs and speakers, including ad hoc parenting issue discussion groups.
Parent Welcoming Committee - This committee is tasked with managing the new parent program, which includes parent mentors, the new parent welcome event, etc.
Social Events Committee - This committee coordinates social events for the parent body, including the morning "coffee cart" events and "dad's night" events.
Approximately how often do you prefer to volunteer for our organization?
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How long have you been a volunteer for Kimberton Waldorf School?
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What can we do to improve your volunteer experience?

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How did you become aware of Kimberton Waldorf School? Please select all that apply.
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