Horse Hungry Survey
Thank you for completing the Horse Hungry survey. There are only three special interest questions and three personal information questions, each with several answer choices. I really appreciate your participation, and I think you'll enjoy the survey.

More brief surveys will follow over time. I care about what you think and believe, and what will feed your Horse Hunger in ways most meaningful to you. 
Do you experience any of the following? (Check all that apply.)
Horses keep cropping up in conversation
Your dreams feature horses
Your eye repeatedly lands on the word "horse" or on horse images
You drive back around the block to pet horses downtown or slow down to watch them in a field
You spend as much time leafing through horse catalogs as you would reading a magazine
You browse the equine section of a store even though you have nothing to buy
You watch horse programs on TV
You watch horse racing just to see the beautiful horses
You enjoy horse shows, parades, expos and clinics
You receive horse art and jewelry as gifts, from others or from yourself!
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What was your experience with horses as a child? (Check all that apply.)
I grew up around horses
I had my own horse
I hung out with a friend and her horse
I rode whenever I could
I did volunteer work at a stable so I could groom or ride
I got paid to work with or around horses
I took riding lessons near home or at camp
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What were your childhood horsey pastimes? (Check all that apply.) 
I read books about horses
I watched movies and TV programs about horses
I daydreamed about having my own horse
I played at being a horse
I had my own imaginary horse
I featured horses in my artwork, crafts or writing
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What is your age range?

14 - 19
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60 - 69
70 - 79

What is your annual household income range? 

$10,000 - $34,000
$35,000 - $59,000
$60,000 - $79,000
$80,000 - $199,000
$100,000 - $159,000
$160,000 or more
Thanks so much for completing this Horse Hungry survey! Future surveys will delve into what you want to see on this website and what kinds of online activities you will enjoy. I'll publish anonymous results over time, so we can learn more about each other as a group. 

I'm glad your'e here to feed your need for horses! Visit Horse Hungry at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Let's keep those dreams alive,