Maine Discovery Museum Survey
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Thank you for your help!  We have some quick questions about your experience with Maine Discovery Museum.  Your feedback helps us understand more about the people who visit us and how we can make the museum even more fun.  Thank you for your time!
Membership at MDM... (check all that apply)
I have a membership at MDM
I used to have a membership at MDM but do not anymore
I buy tickets when I visit rather than signing up for membership
I wait for promotional tickets to MDM to visit, like ones from the Bangor Public Library
I don't often visit, but consider my membership a donation to MDM
I don't visit MDM, but I donate to the museum or support the Annual Gala Auction
I'm not a member and don't visit MDM

I follow MDM... (check all that apply)

On the MDM website www.mainediscoverymus-
On Facebook
On Twitter
On Pinterest
On TV special interest pieces or commercials
On radio special interest pieces or commercials
Through a link or advertisement on another website
I don't follow MDM updates
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How often do you visit Maine Discovery Museum? (check one)

I visit almost every week (or more often!)
I visit once or twice per month
I visit a few times per year
I used to visit, but haven't in a long time
I've only visited a few times
I've never visited MDM