APICS Phoenix March Plant Tour Survey - Local Motors
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How did you hear about the event? 

APICS Phoenix newsletter
APICS Phoenix website
other APICS website
social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook, Google+)
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Was the time and day of the week of the tour convenient for you? 

Yes, I had no problem attending at the time and day.
It was a little early, I had to change my schedule to attend.
It was a little late, I had to change my schedule to attend.
The day of the week was difficult.
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Were you able to hear the tour guide?
Yes, clearly.
Yes, but it was difficult.
No, it was very difficult to hear.
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Was the tour valuable (i.e. did you learn something new or get to see something interesting) to you?
Not really.
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What did you like best about the tour? 


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What did you like least about the tour? 


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Would you attend a similar APICS Phoenix event? 

Yes, and I would invite a friend or colleague.
Yes, I would likely attend.
Not likely.
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