Thank you for showing interest in the Arvada Bike Friendly Business program. As we strive to make our community more bicycling friendly, it's the support of organizations like yours that will make a huge difference.

Bicycling has proven itself to be a significant economic driver for businesses nationwide, particularly with those offering bicycling accommodations and catering to the cycling community.

To recognize the efforts of business in Arvada who encourage a more bicycle friendly atmosphere for customers, clients and employees, the Arvada Bicycle Advisory Committee has partnered with the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) to establish the Arvada Bike Friendly Business program.

As a Bike Friendly Business in Arvada you'll receive these benefits and more:

   o   a Bike Friendly Business certificate and sticker to display at your business
   o   recognition by the Arvada Chamber and AEDA organizations
   o   inclusion on the website, with a link to your website
   o   special call-outs on our Facebook site and posts
   o   support of the hundreds of cyclists in Arvada and surrounding communities

Please complete and submit the Application below and your business could be included in the select group of businesses that qualify to be an Arvada Bike Friendly Business!