Thistle Threads Survey - Frosting Club
I would like your feedback and interest in a 17th century materials club.  The club would be for a one year, renewable subscription with quarterly shipments of threads, trims, and fabrics useful for 17th century embroidery in a collectible box.  The materials would be sourced from historic textile companies and most would be newly manufactured and often one-run only.  Threads that use a needle would be full tubes.  Trim type materials would be approximately 1/2-1 meter lengths (useful quantities), and finishing fabrics would be enough to finish a few smalls.  The cost of each quarter would be less than $100 including shipping.  The box size would be approximately 6" x 9" x 1.5".  

Threads would be applicable to stumpwork, caskets, coifs, sweet bags, and other accessories.
How interested would you be in joining such a club?
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Please rate each of the following categories for inclusion in the proposed 'Frostings Club' kits
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Expansion of color families in current 17th century threads (purls, gimp, GST, etc)
New Silk threads (striped silk gimp, striped silk purl, silk rococo, etc.)
New Silk trims and mini-passmenteries
Metal thread trims (plates, curled trims, etc)
Gold and silk threads (gilt - silk purl, colored core silver passings, etc)
Attachements - items like hands, scepters, forms, etc needed for stumpwork
Unusual tools - stumpwork tools, needles, etc.
Silk finishing fabrics in small scale
Collectible storage container
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Please tell us how interested you would be in joining the "Frosting Club" with each of the following features.
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Options to add extras of the kit selection to the mailing without extra postage
A social media sharing site to discuss ideas of how to use
Special email with ideas
Are there additional categories that you would be interested in being added to the 17th century threads?

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If you currently participate in a 'stash enhancement' club, tell me the good and bad points of it.

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