Procurement Workshop Survey
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Which of the following meeting/workshop formats do you find most appealing?
Hands on Workshop
Panel of Speakers
Vendor Expo
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Do you prefer a morning, afternoon, or evening workshop?

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How far are you willing to travel to an event?
5-10 miles
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Which of these topics interests you the most?
Doing Business With Lake County - This workshop will be designed to outline the role and responsibility of the County's purchasing process.
Lake County Procurement Fundamentals - This workshop will teach vendors about the laws, policies, rules and regulations which govern the procurement process.
How To Respond To A Solicitation - This workshop is designed to teach business owners how to respond to the County's various solicitations.
Introduction to Bonding Requirements - Learn valuable information about the County's required bid, payment and performance bonds and available resources from the Illinois Small Business Administration.
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Please provide any additional comments/suggestions.

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