Welcome, and thank you for participating in Virginia's Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan Survey. This survey represents one of several methods being used to seek out different viewpoints from the public and is intended to take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


The survey questions address three themes:


1. How do survey participants identify themselves and where do they live?

2. What is the current context for preservation in Virginia, specifically what do participants see as the:

  • Benefits of historic resources and their preservation;
  • Most threatened types of historic resources in their communities; and
  • Greatest threats to historic resources overall?

3. What do participants envision for the future of historic resources and their preservation in Virginia over the next 10 years, specifically:

  • Future threats and issues affecting historic resources;
  • Priorities for the broad preservation community; and
  • Priorities for the Department of Historic Resources in particular to expand/enhance their programs.

The survey addresses a wide range of historic and cultural resources across Virginia. This includes:

  • structures,
  • archaeology sites and historic places,
  • history museums, and 
  • urban and rural cultural landscapes (including battlefields)

For convenience, the label "historic resources" has been used in the survey to include all of these resource types. Thank you again, we value your input and appreciate your time and effort.