WDAV Volunteer Training for the 2014 June Campaign
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Please note that all WDAV Volunteers will have to undergo training prior to signing up for campaign shifts.  The three training dates listed will be the only ones available prior to the June campaign.  

Due to Davidson College policy, if you are unable to attend one these training dates you will not be eligible to participate as a phone volunteer during the June Campaign.

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Have you ever volunteered for a Membership Campaign before?

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I can attend the Volunteer Training on the date and time listed below.

Yes - on Sunday, May 18th at 3 pm.
Please Note: Monday's session will NOT be available. Do not select this option.
Yes - on Tuesday, May 20th at 10 am.
No - I will not be able to volunteer during the June Campaign.
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Do you want to remain on the volunteer list?

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