NETCU Financial Education Course
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What is your first and last name and birthday?


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Please specify whether you would prefer our standard debit card design or one of our local school mascot designs. Available mascots include: Daingerfield, Hughes Springs, Chapel Hill, Jefferson, Mt Pleasant, and Pewitt.


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A check is a   " " order telling the bank " " to pay and how much.

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A debit card can be swiped and ran as either a "debit" or "credit". 
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When running a debit card as credit, money is withdrawn from your checking account:
within a few days
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What is the best way to avoid expensive overdraft and NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fees?

Spending carelessly
Keeping track of your spending
Guessing at how much you have to spend
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What is a "Banking Day"?

Any day of the week
Any day, Monday through Friday
Weekend days
Any day, Monday through Friday, minus federal holidays
Required 8.

When you open a bank account, you're accepting the responsibility to:

Track your balance
Check your account regularly
Safeguard your account information, debit card, checks, and PIN
Ensure that checks you deposit won't bounce, or be returned
All Of The Above
Required 9.

Because some transactions take several days to show up in your account, your online balance might not be your actual balance.

Required 10.

You opened a checking account with a deposit of $100. You used your debit card the next day to see a movie that cost $8.50. You also bought some popcorn and a drink for $12. You had a phone bill automatically withdrawn from your account 2 days later for $25. The following day you deposited your paycheck of $200. What should your available remaining balance be after the deposit?

Required 11.

What is step 1 in reconciling your account?


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Required 12.

What is a useful tool to help keep track of your checking account transactions?

checking account register
All Of The Above
Required 13.

Any electronic bank transaction immediately changes your account balance. 

Required 14.

Using a debit card is like borrowing money as a type of credit. 

Required 15.

After swiping your debit card as a "debit", you will then be prompted to:

sign a receipt or terminal pad
enter your four-digit PIN
enter your birthday
Required 16.

PIN stands for:

Personal Identity Name
Password Identified Number
Personal Identification Number
Required 17.

When using an ATM that is not owned by your bank or in a network your bank belongs to, you may be charged:

Out-Of-Network ATM Fees
Overdraft Fees
Debit Fees
Required 18.

After depositing your check, your available balance is $205.50. Within the following week, you spend $50 on gas, $100 at the mall, and $20 on a haircut. You then deposit your next check of $304. What should your new available balance be? 

Required 19.

If you do not know your PIN, you can still run your debit card as a "debit".

Required 20.
You are charged a(n) " " when you have an electronic transfer that exceeds your available balance. 
Deposited Item Returned Fee
Non sufficient Funds Fee
Overdraft Fee
Required 21.

If your available balance is $30, but you spend $35 and your bank charges a $28 overdraft fee, your new balance will be:

$ -5
$ -33
$ 0
Required 22.

You can't spend money until you deposit money.