Website Usage Survey
We need your help! With the help of our Hui Kapehe internship program, the KIRC is launching a website redesign and would like YOUR feedback on how we can improve.

Please visit and then submit your responses to this brief survey so that we can ensure what we are sharing and how we share it aligns with your needs.

Why do you visit the KIRC website? (Select all that apply)

To donate
Volunteer opportunities/forms
Hui Kapehe Program information
Current news about Kaho'olawe
Trolling schedules/Permits/Cat-
ch Reports
Strategic Plans, Policies, and/or Reports
Maps and Photos
Employment listing
Information on History, Culture, Restoration, and/or Ocean Resources
To view the Vision and Mission of KIRC
For information on the KIRC, and/or the Commission

Why don't you use the KIRC website? (What should change?)

Too outdated
Not user-friendly
I don't like the layout
Too difficult to find what I am looking for
I don't like the flash content (ex. audio, videos, images)
The website is not compatible with my device
Forms are not submittable online
It takes too long to hear back from the Administrator via email
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How often do you visit the website?

Several times a month
Several times a week
Several times a day
I hardly ever use the website
I never use the website

What do you like about the website? (What should stay the same?)

Easy to find what I am looking for
The layout
The information available
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What could we do to improve our website? 
Include more visual aids (ex. pictures, videos, charts)
Include less visual aids (ex. pictures, videos, charts)
Allow forms to be filled out and submitted online
Rearrange the layout of the website
Convert PDF files into HTML for easier printing and viewing
Allow donations to be made online
Make website more mobile friendly
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How do you access the website?

Mobile Device