RMS World Hunger Survey
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Thank you for helping the Core Team of the Rocky Mountain Synod's Hunger Network carry out its mission by completing this questionnaire.  We would appreciate receiving your responses no later than Friday, July 25.  We also appreciate knowing who you are so we can better serve congregations and rostered or key lay leaders in the same geographical area.  The place to record that (optional) information is question #11.

Required 1.

How actively does your congregation support the work of ELCA World Hunger?

Not at all    Great deal       
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Required 2.

 Does your congregation have a dedicated hunger "leader" or a committee that works to raise awareness and money for ELCA World Hunger?  

No one
One leader
Small group
Mission/outreach board
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NOTE:  If you have a hunger contact, please fill out the form at the end of this questionnaire.

Required 3.


Which of the following resources do you read/check, use, and distribute to others?  (Mark all that apply)

Resource Packets from ELCA World Hunger (2 per year)
Lifelines (ELCA World Hunger newsletter)
Daily Bread (RMS Hunger Network newsletter)
ELCA World Hunger website
RMS Website Hunger page
RMS E-Connection (emailed)
ELCA World Hunger Sermon Starters
ELCA World Hunger Blog
ELCA Global Links (emailed)
Hunger Resource Calendar (distributed at Synod Assembly)
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Required 4.

Which of the following would you like to incorporate in your congregation's life?  (Mark all that apply)

Hunger/Poverty Worship Resources
Education for Children and Youth
Bible Studies/Adult Education Forums
Seasonal Resources
Tool Kits (topics include ELCA World Hunger Basics, Animals and Hunger, Disaster and Hunger, Disease and Hunger, Food and Hunger, Climate Change and Hunger, Water and Hunger)
Stories of the Work of ELCA World Hunger (video or paper)
Intergenerational Events
Poverty Simulation Exercises (such as Food for a Week)
Retreats-especially for Youth
Service Learning Events
Ready-to-use Newsletter Articles and/or Bulletin Inserts
Good Gifts (Catalogs and Planning Guides)
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Required 5.

Do you use social media to obtain ideas/information and share it with people in your congregation?  

Not at all    A great deal       
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Required 6.


Which of the following social media do you regularly follow and use? (Mark all that apply)

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Required 7.

 How likely is it that you would attend an event led by the ELCA Director of Hunger Education that explores the theology of ELCA World Hunger and the accompaniment method through which the work is accomplished -- plus gives you ideas and resources for incorporating that knowledge in your ministry?

Not at all
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Required 8.

 How could the RMS Hunger Network's Core Team be most helpful to you? Using workshops, direct visits, WebEx, or Skype.  (Mark all that apply)

Train hunger contacts and teams
Consult with outreach/hunger team in your congregation
Provide orientation on navigating websites and social media
Speak to your congregation
Make you aware of new resources
Share ideas from other congregations
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Required 9.

How would you describe your understanding of how ELCA World Hunger works?

Not at all    A great deal       
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Would you like to know more about hunger and poverty issues as well as the work of ELCA World Hunger?  If so, please email Andrea Love at andrea@s-church.net or Carol McDivitt at mcdivittc@mindspring.com.  You may also use this space to tell us anything you'd like us to know:


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