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PHOTO/MODEL RELEASE I hereby give the City of Anaheim irrevocable right and permission, in connection with the photographs/negatives/videos taken of me, or in which I may be included with others, the following: 1. The right to use and reuse, in any manner at all, said photographs/negatives/videos, in whole or in part, either by themselves or in conjunction with other photographs/negatives/videos in any medium and for any purposes whatsoever, including all promotional and advertising uses as well as using my name in connection therewith if it is so desired; and 2. The right to copyright said photographs/negatives/videos in the photographer's and/or the City of Anaheim's name. a) I hereby forever release and discharge the City of Anaheim from any and all claims, actions and demands arising out of, or in connection with, the use of said photographs/negatives/videos, including, without limitation, and all claims for invasion of privacy and libel. b) This release shall insure to the benefit of the assigns, licensees and legal representatives of the City of Anaheim as well as the party(ies) for whom photographs/negatives/videos were taken.

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