Request to schedule a Conservation Montgomery Home Tree Care 101 Class
When would you like to schedule a HTC 101 class in your community? 

Spring 2021
Fall 2021
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Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to noon is the time slot available for most classes.  If a Saturday morning is the best option for our arborist to teach your class, are your community members aware of this?
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How many participants do you have for a class?  Note:  The maximum number of participants is 10 people for a Home Tree Care 101 class during the pandemic. 
Between 1 and 5
Between 5 and 10
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Do you have a specific date in mind for the class?  Please tell us which date that we have available works best for you: 

April 10

April 24

May 1 

May 8 

May 15 

May 22 

June 5


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Where is your community located in Montgomery County? 

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Who is the primary point of contact for setting up a Home Tree Care 101 class?  Please list the person's name, e-mail address and best phone number where the person can be reached. 

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