We are really close to wrapping up my Empowered Business Woman Manifesto for release soon! First, I need your help. Before we finalize and publish the Manifesto, I need to make sure we covered everything. Can you help me out?

I've been thinking a lot lately about when women don't "go for it", when we let our ambitious dreams and goals slide. And I wonder if this is up for you too? 

Are there places where you don't go for it? Where you stop yourself from really letting your brilliance, your fully expressed self, or your very own luminous light really shine?

Please take a moment to complete this short survey - you will help crystallize where and why women don't go for it, give away their power and stop shining the full wattage of their brilliance.

I want to help you shine your light. It's my mission to help women access a bigger piece of the pie, shine their brilliance on the world's problems and go for what they really want.

Thanks for taking the time to add your valuable contribution!

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