Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards (EM-SOS!) Survey
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Required 1.

Using the model of Data Management Maturity (DMM) from the CMMI® Institute, please rate where you believe your organization's maturity is today. 


-       Level 1 - Performed

Processes are primarily performed ad hoc, primarily at the project level. There are no processes areas applied across business areas. Process discipline is primarily reactive; for example, for data quality, the emphasis is on data repair. Foundational improvements may exist, but improvements are not yet extended within the organization or maintained.

-       Level 2 - Managed

Processes are planned and executed in accordance with policy; employ skilled people having adequate resources to produce controlled outputs; involve relevant stakeholders; are monitored, controlled, and reviewed; and are evaluated for adherence to its process description.

-       Level 3 - Defined

Sets of standard processes have been established and improved over time, providing a predictable measure of consistency. Processes to meet specific needs are tailored from the set of standard processes according to the organization's guidelines

-       Level 4 - Measured

Managed and measured process metrics have been established. There are formal processes for managing variances. Quality and process performance is understood in statistical terms and is managed throughout the life of the process.

-       Level 5 - Optimized

Process performance is continually improved through both incremental and innovative improvements. Feedback is used to drive process enhancements and business growth. Best practices are shared with peers and industry.

Level 1 - Performed 1.3 (Est.) 1.6 (Est.) Level 2 - Managed 2.3 (Est.) 2.6 (Est.) Level 3 - Defined Level 4 - Measured Level 5 - Optimized   
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Required 2.
Do you have a defined data management strategy for your organization. If so could you briefly describe it?.

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Required 3.

Do you have one or more documented data management life cycles? If more than one, please identify what they are used for.


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Are you measuring how your data management systems are performing against your stated goals?

No, but would be interested in learning more about how to achieve this
Required 5.

What % of data model object reuse are you able to achieve today?   Are you looking to increase your data model object reuse? 


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Does your organization have a data dictionary and or business glossary for common concepts and terms?

Yes - A single combined business and IT Glossary / DD
Yes - a Separate business and IT Glossary / DDs
Yes - Multiple glossaries / DDs
No - None
No - But looking
No - But need your HELP!

 On the following scale, please indicate your organization's level of usage in these industry validated data modeling standards':


 Don't have Have, but needs improving Have and works well   
Class Word List   
Diagram Naming   
Library Structure & Naming   
Logical Domain List   
Logical Model Object Properties (including Naming and Definitions)   
Physical Domain List   
Physical Model Object Properties (including Naming and Definitions)   
Roles and Accountability Profiles   
Standardized List of Abbreviations and Acronyms   
Standardized Guidelines for Definitions   
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Required 8.

 Rate your organization's level of the following procedures: Tool Dependent


 Don't Have Have, but needs improving Have, and works well   
Data Model Life Cycle Architecture   
Logical Data Model Submission and Deliverables   
Model Change Control - Shared Objects   
Model Creation and Population   
New User - Repository   
Version Control   
Physical Model Submission and Deliverables   
Data Object Promotion - Shared Object   
Non Conformance   
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 Rate your organization's level of the following procedures: General


 Don't Have Have, but needs improving Have, and works well   
Administrative Change Control   
Data Model Backup   
Issue Resolution   
Non Conformance   
Notification and Update   
Version Control   
Centralized Model Management System (Model Repository)   
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Required 10.

Please identify your principal data modeling solution. (please list the specific edition in the comments section).

Please also identify if you are using any process modeling or EA solution with your data modeling solutions. 

ERwin Standard or Workgroup
ER/Studio Enterprise or Data Architect
PowerDesigner Data, or Enterprise Architect
Process Modeling or EA Tool (please specify below
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Required 11.

Rate your organization's level of usage of automation within the tool that you are using.  


 Automated Not Automated    
Naming standards    
Data Type Standards    
Modeling Templates    
Reference Models    
Automated Reports & Metrics for Compliance & Data Management Process Improvment    
Procedures for Database Generation    
Modeling Busienss Rules & Requirements    
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