Please help us rename the next print guide & provide feedback for us to improve!
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Please complete the following statement (check all that apply).
I am a...

"User" of the guide- and use it to make referrals & find resources
"Distributor" of the guide- and share with families
"Networker"- and attend events coordinated by Retirement Connection
"Sponsor" of the guide- and without me this resource is not possible
"Potential Sponsor"- I do not currently advertise, but would like more information
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The Retirement Connection (currently "Greater Salem) is growing.  

The October edition will include Yamhill, Marion, Polk & now- Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties. Our other 2 print guides are named: Portland/Vancouver & Southern Oregon 

What should we call this new guide- The name that shows on the Print Cover? 

Mid Willamette Valley
Salem/ Albany/ Corvallis
Greater Salem (no change)
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Your Feedback and Insight is incredibly valuable to us.
Our team listens and has made changes over the past 5 years. Some of the feedback we received in the past years have led us to make the following changes:
* Moving to an annual publication (instead of semi-annual)
* Reordering the 3 main sections of the print guide (there used to be 5)
* Adding more interactive features and social media links to our website
* Creating more networking opportunities with the hospitals by coordinating resource fairs

We would greatly appreciate if you could help us with any additional information you have the time or interest in sharing...
I promise we DO listen!

Please complete the following. The customer service provided by the Retirement Connection staff...

Is better than expected
Matched expectations
Is worse than expected
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What was your first contact with Retirement Connection?

Met staff at a networking meeting
Found a guide in the community
Visited the website
Referred by another professional
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Please rank the value of the following to you and your business when working with Retirement Connection.  

 Not Applicable/Have not used No Value Little Value Somewhat Valuable Very Valuable 
Print ad and listing in Retirement Connection Guide
The web ad, links and listing exposure on the wesbsite
Posting events, news, or job opportunities on the website
Customer Service of Retirement Connection Staff
Annual Release Parties
Quarterly Sponsor events, Networking meetings, & Business to Business connections
Strong Distribution of print guide in the community
Monthly e-newsletter
Social Media- Retirement Connection on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter
Individual Business & Marketing Support and Consultation (for sponsors)
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Please provide us with your feedback on what we do well and should always continue. (Print Guide, Website & Networking) 


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Please provide us with your suggestions for improvement?
(Print Guide, Website & Networking) 


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 (This question is more applicable to our sponsors)  

 I initially chose to conduct business with Retirement Connection because... 

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 (This question is more applicable to our sponsors)  

Please rate how strongly you agree/disagree with the following statements.
 Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree 
Retirement Connection plays a valuable role in my marketing
The cost of Retirement Connection is worth the benefits achieved
My company achieved the pre-established targets/goals
The Retirement Connection staff understands the needs of my company
Retirement Connection was thorough in the planning and execution of their services
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(This question is more applicable to our sponsors)

Please rank the following in the order of importance to you in continuing your Sponsorship with Retirement Connection.  

(1 = Least Important)
Print Retirement Connection Guide
Web RetirementConnection.-
Individual Business & Marketing Support and Consultation
Networking Opportunities
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