EPIC: Personal Journey, Spiritual Growth Interest Survey
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I am interested in the following opportunities:

Professional programs, such as Kerygma Bible Study, Alpha, Living the Questions, Forward Day by Day
Parish study groups, such as lectionary study, contemplative prayer group, book group, Bible study, early Christian theology
Parish service groups, such as hospitality, outreach, pastoral care
Renewed worship commitment, Sunday and/or weekday, at least 1/month, 2/month, 3/month, 4/month, reading, chalice minister, choir, usher
read Forward Day by Day
Currently scheduled parish gatherings, such as Sunday Adult Forums, Parents of Little Ones (POLOs), Saturday morning Bible Study, Thursday Morning Prayer
Possible groups forming as needed, such as preview of the Sunday readings, a spiritual discernment group, a book discussion group, study of the early church, Thursday evening Bible study
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The following days and times would be best for my schedule. Please be as specific as possible about your available time. 

Sunday AM
Sunday PM
Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
Thursday PM
Friday AM
Friday PM
Saturday AM
Saturday PM
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I would like an opportunity to meet (be as specific as possible about how often you would like to meet):

3-6 times/year
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