Communicating for America Inc. Survey

How are you planning to buy health insurance? 

Private insurance company
Your state Exchange or
Not planning to buy health insurance
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If a person chooses not to buy a qualified health plan, they must pay a penalty instead. The penalty is either $190 or 2% of a person's income. How likely are you to not buy coverage and  pay the penalty? 


Very likely
I will pay the penalty
Not sure
Very unlikely
I will purchase a qualified health plan
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If you are shopping for health insurance plans, which of these services would you most likely use ? 


From a local insurance agent
From a private website, like
From a government website, like
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Are you planning to renew the plan you or your family already have? 

Yes I am going to renew my plan
It is likely I will renew my plan
I haven't decided yet
It is unlikely I will renew my plan
No I am not going to renew my plan
I don't have a health plan
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In general, has health care reform made it easier or more difficult to buy insurance? 

more difficult
no change
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