P Street Week Discovery Entry
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Discoveries are split into different categories based on the type of action that must be taken to complete it. There are three ways to complete each discovery, taking a picture and posting it to Instagram, Tweeting a picture or description/answer, or posting to Facebook. You must tag #discoverPst in all your posts to receive credit for the discovery.

Mark which method you used below, if you chose another method, describe your answer(s) in the comment field.
DINING DISCOVERIES (Mark which method you used)
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Eat a slice of pizza with the most toppings  
Take a picture with a curly fry mustache  
Steak out at Misty's  
Dine with a Husker Legend  
Do a twist at Dickey's  
Enjoy a treat with a hint of pumpkin  
Lettuce see if you like your sandwich hot or cold  
Make your plate a noodle masterpiece  
Double Dip  
Sprout a new palate at Sebastian's Table  
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DINING DISCOVERIES CONTINUED (Mark which method you used)
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Find E.T.  
Eat a bean blankie with a food rake  
Gourmake a burger  
Leave U.S. off the menu  
Start your day between the Bison & the Buffalo  
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SHOPPING DISCOVERIES (Mark which method you used)
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Design your sock drawer at Threads  
Find the District's most expensive rock  
Help Tom help the world  
Walk on a bed of rose petals  
Take a picture of a cat who can read  
Tshop at the home of the crane  
Become the best dressed mannequin  
Deck yourself out in the most ridiculous Husker gear  
Wig out at Ruby Begonia's  
Suit up at Post & Nickel  
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SHOPPING DISCOVERIES CONTINUED (Mark which method you used)
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Strike a pose in Stella's Clothes  
Find something from Nothing  
Stretch your Hammy at Lincoln Running Co.  
Get a gift for someone special  
Play in a P St. Toy Store  
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ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DISCOVERIES (Mark which method you used)
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Shake hands with a star named Twinkle  
Kick back in a Marcus Dream Lounger  
Show us your happy hour  
Lose your blues at the Zoo  
Walk into a humidor  
Find the home of the American Outlaws  
Share your favorite show at the Lied Center  
Grab a future film flyer from the Ross  
Find Rococo Theatre's backstage bar  
Share a moving piece of art  
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ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT CONTINUED (Mark which method you used)
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Get your face painted  
Do a downward dog at Tower Square  
Answer Lincoln's Call  
Peruse the Parrish Studios  
Party on P St.  
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LANDSCAPE DISCOVERIES (Mark which method you used)
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Catch a fishy parking meter  
Pig out at a wood deck  
Pose with a sculpture  
Find and share info on Silva cells  
Bioswales conserve this valuable resource  
Take a selfie with your favorite P St. Landmark  
Tell us how many steps it took to cross 12th & P  
Rack a bike on P St.  
Pick up Ascent Tower  
Identify your favorite P St. Flower  
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LANDSCAPE CONTINUED (Mark which method you used)
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Pop a wheelie with a stroller  
Pose like a superhero on a new bench  
Find a P St. night light  
Leapfrog Tower Square's Concentric Rings  
Snag a pinwheel on P St.  
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MISCELLANEOUS DISCOVERIES (Mark which method you used)
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Lost? Find a business using a downtown directory  
Pose like a tourist in the Embassy Suites  
Journal today's headline  
Donate a coat at Raising Cane's  
Take an awkward gym selfie  
Park in a Park & Go garage  
Share your favorite #TBT of the P St District  
Take a seat in the Captain's Chair  
Form an air band under the Tower Square Stage  
Catch the falling Cadillac  
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MISCELLANEOUS CONTINUED (Mark which method you used)
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P St. connects these two Lincoln Districts  
Do the chicken dance under the Cane's logo  
Introduce yourself to a fellow person of P St.  
Get a group pic with all the colors of P St.  
Download the Park & Go Passport app  
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