Alliance 2015 Planning Survey
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The Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance may have the opportunity to partner with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services to pursue grant funding for OJT and Apprenticeships.  This grant would focus in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing Technicians and potentially A&P mechanics.   


Would your company have interest in participating in such a grant application? If so, what is an estimate of your new workforce needs over the next 12 months?   


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As part of the 2015 Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance Summit to be held next March, we are exploring the possibility of hosting a job fair immediately following the Summit itinerary and B2B meetings.   


Would your company be interested and willing to participate in a job fair?  If so, what would you anticipate to be your greatest workforce needs?   


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Part of the Alliance mission is to create additional business opportunities for Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Companies.  For example, earlier this year we partnered with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, the Arkansas State Chamber and the Arkansas World Trade Center and 6 companies to secure a booth at the Farnborough International Trade Show in London. Going together allowed us to share the cost and make it much more affordable.  Many companies who attended felt that it was a benefit to creating additional business.   


Looking forward, what trade shows would you be interested in attending?  Are there particular markets or regions you would be interested in visiting if the Alliance put together a trade mission?   


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