VLE 2014
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Required 1.
Can you please enter below the rate of turnover of coaches in your club per year :
a) % Turnover of Paid Coaches per year
b) % Turnover of Volunteer Coaches per year 

We confirm the identity of your club will remain confidential 


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Required 2.
Could you estimate below ( in US Dollars $)  How much your Club spends per year on coach education and development for coaches in your club  ( e.g. assistance to enroll on coaching courses,subscription for Coaches Association and/or to attend conventions; books;DVD's,online courses or online subscriptions  etc.)

We would like you to indicate this figure per player registered at your club. So for example if your club has 500 players and a budget of $2,000 per year for Coach Development then this would represent $4 per registered player per club 
We confirm the identity of your club will remain confidential 
If you would like to provide further details please use the comment box
Between 1$ - 2$ per registered player
Between 2$ - 3$ per registered player
Between 3$ - 4$ per registered player
Between 4$ - 5$ per registered player
Between 5$ - 6$ per registered player
Between 6$ - 7$ per registered player
Between 7$ - 8$ per registered player
Between 8$ - 9$ per registered player
Between 9$ - 10$ per registered player
More than 10$ per registered playe
We have a budget for coach development but I do not know what it is
I do know we have no budget for coach development at our club
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Required 3.
We will be shortly providing assistance for Directors of Coaching,Technical Directors and Coaches at Clubs to develop their own Learning Network for Coaches at their clubs

Could you rank please which skills you would value most to learn from 1= Most Valuable to 10 = least valuable 
If you have any comments please use the comment box 

(1 = Most Valuable)
How to identify ' Digital Assistants ' to help you develop and service your club's learning network
How to research the needs of your coaches
How to organize your club coaches to collaboratively develop a simple searchable curriculum archive of practices
How to create simple Individual,Paired and Group Tasks to consolidate learning among your club coaches
How to use shoot video and still photos from practice sessions and games
How to edit and caption video and still photos
How to relate an online Learning Network to Practical Coaching Problems
How to help your coaches develop their own personal online portfolios of their favorite practices and reflections of coaching sessions
How to evaluate and monitor the use of the Club Learning Network by your coaches
How to provide online recognition and rewards for the competences of your coaches
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Required 4.
Please enter the information indicated below.Can you include the name of your Club or Association under 'Company Name' and your coaching title under ' Job Title' 

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Last Name:
Job Title:
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