VMEC Training Interest and Opportunities
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If not listed on our current schedule, which trainings are you interested in attending or do you plan to send employees to in the future?  (These trainings could also be held on-site at your company facility.) Please choose from the below listing; each training opportunity is $325 per person with the exception of the ISO workshops.

Principles of Lean Manufacturing 101
Fundamentals of Lean Office 101
Office 5S: Office Organization and Standardization
Basic Blueprint Reading for Mechanical Drawings
Value Stream Mapping: Planning, Leading and Executing
The 5S System: Workplace Organization and Standardization
Structured Problem Solving
Improving Workplace Communication
Introduction to Systematic Layout Planning and Work Cell Design
Total Productive Maintenance
Set-Up Reduction
ISO/ Lead Auditor/ Internal Quality Auditing
Lean Product Development
Innovation Engineering Fundamentals
Introduction to Innovation Engineering for Company Leaders
Strategy Activation: Translating Strategies to Actionable Missions
What other trainings might you be interested in that are not listed above? 

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What geographic area/s are you seeking to obtain this/ these trainings? 

NEK - Orleans, Essex, Caledonia counties
North West - Franklin, Grand Isle, Chittenden counties
Lamoille and Washington counties
Addison and Rutland counties
Orange and Windsor counties
Bennington and Windsor counties
Location is not important; I/we will travel for any training
What is your time frame to secure this training? 

Within the next month
Three - Six months
Six - Nine months
Nine months to one year
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By sharing the following information with us, we will better be able to assist you with your future training needs.  Your information will not be shared with other entities for any purpose now or in the future. 

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