Group Counseling Survey
Clinical Psychology Associates is expanding their service offerings to now include group counseling/therapy.   We are launching some groups soon, and also want to hear from you as to what group offerings you think you or a loved one would be interested in.   Please take thirty seconds to respond to the following 2 questions.   Thanks!   

Either now or in the future, either I, or someone I know would benefit from:

Social Skills Group for Children Aged 7-12
Alcohol/Drug Relapse Prevention Group
Co-Dependency Group
Anger Management Group
Social Skills Group for Adults
Coping with Divorce
Support Group for Depression
Support Group for Anxiety
Support Group for Unemployment
Parenting of Teens Group
Support Group for Teen Females
Grief Group
I would like to be contacted about one of the groups above.   Please email or call me at: 

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