Dear Prospective Tenant,

Thank you for your interest in growing your business at the ICNC incubator. ICNC is focused on building an incubator community and will evaluate applications on the following criteria:

    • Job creation on site
    • Potential for company growth
    • Compatibility with current business community (priority is given to light manufacturing)
    • Participation in ICNC programs, services and events
    • Involvement and contribution to the incubator community
    • Credit worthiness
    • Willingness to confidentially share business data (for aggregate use only) 


You will also be required to provide the following:

    • Last year's P&L report and P&L projections for the next three years (annual projections are acceptable; monthly projections are not required but will be accepted)
    • A list of your monthly debt obligations
    • Business plan
    • Last year's Tax Return


To begin the process of becoming an ICNC tenant, please fill out the application below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.