Action Goals!

Help increase the abundance of healthful food produced and consumed in Kansas!
  The following online form empowers you to choose three or more Action Goals you would like to pursue by May 2016 (the end of the next legislative session), to voice your support for one or more the recommendations in KRC's  Feeding Kansas report.

Here is a brief outline of those recommendations 

1) To increase opportunities for everyday Kansans, including farmers, to formally engage in the identification and advancement of solutions to food system challenges they face; 

2) To improve state-level clarity and coordination of the policies and programs that shape Kansas's food system;

3) To provide key local-, regional-, and state-level supports to increase production and consumption of fruits and vegetables in Kansas.

  Help make a difference by choosing a few simple actions. These may include sharing the story of your challenges with a fellow community member, writing an opinion piece for your local paper, chatting with your city, county, or state government policy-maker...

  Whatever you choose, KRC staff will be here to support you in your pursuits. We can provide you with handy tools to help, and follow up to support you along the way.

Thank you for your time and engagement - it is so appreciated!  


Your Friends at the Kansas Rural Center