Passions & Experience Survey
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Thank you for taking our survey! Your participation is very helpful in understanding the backgrounds and passions of our congregation. First, let's start with some demographic information.
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71% of our church members have volunteered somewhere within our Prince of Peace ministries in the past 12 months. That is exciting! We are curious if our members also volunteer in other organizations outside of our ministries.
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Do you serve with other organizations not connected to our Prince of Peace ministries?
If you do serve other places, please list the organization(s) where you volunteer.

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If you do serve other places, how many hours per month do you typically serve at these organizations?



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Sometimes ministries grow out of hobbies that our members enjoy. What are your hobbies?

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What are you passionate about? This might be a particular group of people, a specific social issue, or a special hobby/activity.

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What life experiences or training do you have that you could use to serve others? This might include past jobs, specific skills, previous volunteer experiences, professional training, certifications or degrees, etc.


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What needs do you see in our local community or where you live/work?


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