African-American Chamber of Commerce Stage One Grant Appplication
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The Stage One Grant is open to young professionals or start-up businesses who would like to become members of the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ & DE (AACC). Those approved for the grant will receive a one year membership to the AACC, which includes complimentary admissions to various events and programs.

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Those applying for the Stage One Grant must register for the orientation by clicking  here.

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Those applying for the Stage One Grant, as a start-up business, must commit to applying for and, if accepted, completing the Entrepreneur Academy, which provides up to $6,500 in start-up capital for your business. Are you able to commit to this? 

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Are you applying for the Stage One Grant as a Young Professional or Start-up business? 

Young Professional

If you are applying as a start-up business, the following have been identified as the best industries to start a business. Please advise if your start-up is in any of these industries. 

Agricultural Software
Fantasy Sports Services
Food E-Commerce
Legal Marajuana
Gamification Services
Relaxation Beverages
Public Sector Technology
Yoga and Pilates