KZAM Party Confirmation
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Please note this confirmation is only for those who have booked a party. This confirmation cannot be used to book an event with KZAM.  All bookings must be done over the phone or in person.  This confirmation should be done 5 days before your party or the date on your contract.
Required 1.
What is your name? (this would be the name of the adult responsible for the party)

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What is the date of your party? 

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Required 3.
What is the time of your party?

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Required 4.
Please provide the best phone number to reach you if we need to discuss this confirmation?

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Required 5.
Please confirm the name(s) and ages of the guest(s) of honor.

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Required 6.
How many child participants will be attending your party (ages 1 through 14), including the guest of honor?


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Would you like to order KZAM party favors featuring a 7" translucent water bottle, stuffed with rainbow lollipops? For photo, see "extras menu" on KZAM website. ($4.25 each)
Would you like to order KZAM party favors featuring a 7" translucent water bottle.  Note: this option is for an empty water bottle only. ($3.25 each)
Required 9.
Would you like to order KZAM 5x7 photo favors featuring a group shot of your guests, as a party favor for EACH GUEST.  ($3.49 each) Photo is customized for your event, comes in a souvenir frame. 
Required 10.
Will you be purchasing a Carvel Cake from KZAM? 
Smallest Sheet Cake (feeds 12-15) - $29.95
Medium Sheet Cake (feeds 20-24) - $39.95
Large Sheet Cake (feeds 40-50) - $49.95
I will be bringing my own cake or cup cakes.
If ordering a cake, would like a add an edible image ($10 add'l) please describe the image/theme here. Note: Please do not send images. Carvel has a large collection of images and will select an image based on your specifications. You will be contacted, if necessary, for more details. 

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Any other instructions related to the cake order?

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Kosher Pizza Upgrade: Indicate "yes" if you would like  the pizza for the children to be upgraded to kosher, for an additional fee of $12 per pie. Note: The number of kosher pies ordered is calculated based on the number of children you confirm above. No credits or refunds for kosher pies ordered if your headcount is less than the confirmed number. All kosher pizza is from Hunkis of Plainview.

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Required 14.
Please indicate what drinks you would like for you adult guests. Note: For any items you would NOT like, please choose 0 for the quantity.
2 liter Coke - $3.00
2 liter Diet Coke - $3.00
2 liter Sprite - $3.00
Coffee - Decaf (8 to 10 cups) - $15.95
Coffee - Regular (8 to 10 cups) - $15.95
Required 15.
Please indicate if you would like to order salad for your adult guests.  We offer half tray & full trays of Caesar salad or Tossed salad.


  *Please note that Suffolk County Health Department does not allow for customers to bring any other outside food besides birthday cake or cupcakes.  Any additional food for adults must be ordered directly through KZAM.
Half Tray Caesar Salad- $30
Full Tray Caesar Salad- $50
Half Tray Tossed Salad- $28
Full Tray Tossed Salad- $45
Required 16.
Please indicate below how many pizzas you would like for your
ADULT guests.  For any items you would NOT like, please choose 0 for the quantity.


 Note: Suffolk County Department of Health does not allow party facilities such as KZAM to serve fruit platters, or other items not on our menu. Outside food or drinks, with the exception of the birthday cake, is also not allowed.

16" Large Cheese Pizza- $15.95
17X12" Grandma-Style Cheese Pizza- $18.95
16" Pepperoni Pizza- $18.95
16" Mushroom Pizza- $18.95
16" Meatball Pizza- $18.95
16" Sausage Pizza- $18.95
16" Veggie Pizza - $23.95
10 1/2 inch Gluten Free Pizza- $16.99
Kosher Pizza - $26.95
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Required 17.
Please select which montage option you would like: (this is total number of photos per party not per birthday child).  Note:  If you are having a Grand KZAM party (45+ children) a deluxe montage is included automatically.
No Montage
DELUXE Montage $25, up to 50 photos (Free with GRAND KZAM package only)
BASIC Montage, 10 photos, Free with MOST packages, refer to your contract
Required 18.
Please indicate if you already sent the photos to for your montage to PICTURES@KZAMLI.COM Reminder: photos received after the deadline on your contract may not be used.
Required 19.
What are some things the birthday child likes? Such as sports, hobbies, favorite movies, characters, etc. We will add theme slides into your child's montage based on the information provided here. 

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Required 20.
Please check this box to indicate that you understand that KZAM does not allow any outside food or drinks, with the exception of cake or cupcakes
Required 21.
Please check this box to indicate that you understand that all guests who participate in the Grand Play Arena or Event Room must wear socks and sign a liability waiver. All children under 36" in height must be accompanied by a parent in the Grand Play Arena. No exceptions.
Any other notes about this confirmation:

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Thank you for completing your Event Confirmation.  If you would like a copy of this for your records, you must print now.  If you do not see a print option on your browser, try right clicking our mouse.