Complete Women's Care Center Survey
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Which provider did you see at Complete Women's Care Center?  

Dr. Lisa Beard
Dr. Hillary Boswell
Dr. Kristin Brigger
Margot Ellard, NP
Michelle Eppers, NP
Dr. Lauren Gibson
Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith
Dr. Shannon Hardy
Dr. Sara Jurney
Dr. Claire Kelly
Dr. Shaunna Mason
Dr. Alicia McIntosh
Kathleen Mechler, NP
Dr. Jessica Ohlemacher
Laurel Spence, PA
Jenna Starko, NP
Brandi Wachel. NP
When you need to reach us, how timely is our response? Please rate us in the following areas.  We welcome all feedback and you can provide your comments below. 
 Outstanding Above average Average Below Average Poor N/A 
calling for an appointment
calling with a medical question
emailing a nurse
leaving a voicemail
requesting online appointment
asking a billing question
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How was your experience while making an appointment? Please rate us in the following areas.
 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor N/A 
appointment time was convenient
courtesty of appointment scheduler
ease of making appointment
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Our mission is to provide an outstanding experience for you. Please rate how the following staff members succeeded in achieving this goal.  Specific staff names are really helpful.

 Outstanding Above average Average Below Average Poor N/A 
appointment coordinator
front desk, check-in
nursing staff
lab technician
front desk, check-out
billing staff
office/practice manager
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Please rate your experience with your provider in the following areas. 

 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor 
listened to my concerns
time spent with me
knowledge about my concerns
overall impression with provider
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Regarding the timeliness of your in-office experience, please rate us in the following areas.  Any details about your experience are appreciated. 

 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor N/A 
time in waiting room
wait time in exam room
wait time for ultrasound
communication from staff about expected wait time
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Please rate our office facilities in the following areas.  Feel free to give specific examples of how we could improve our facilities. 
 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor 
office decor
comfort of waiting room
comfort of exam room
overall ambiance
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Regarding your lab and diagnostic results, please rate us in the following areas. 

 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor Did not receive yet N/A 
staff explained how and when results would be available
received results in time expected
satisfaction with explanation of results
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Regarding the billing process, please rate us in the following areas.  If you had a billing concern, please provide us with details to help us improve our services. 
 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor N/A 
satisfaction wtih explanation of costs
billing questions addressed at check out
accurate billing statement received
resolution of billing concerns
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We hope that our website is a reflection of our practice and meets your needs. Please rate us in the following areas.  We would appreciate your specific suggestions of ways that our website could improve. 

 Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor 
ease of navigation
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Did you know that we are active in social media? Please let us know if you interact with us through any of the following platforms. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve our social media presence. 
none of the above
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How would you rate your OVERALL experience with Complete Women's Care Center? We welcome all feedback. 

Outstanding Above average Average Below average Poor       
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