X Gym Trainer Survey for Christi
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                                     Thank you for your help with this survey! 

     You come to the X Gym expecting to get the best trainers in the industry. You expect your X Gym trainers to be continually improving as well. We are proud to share these expectations with you, so please help us with these goals by completing this short 7 question survey. Your feedback will be instrumental in making your X Gym experience even better!
     Your answers will be anonymous, so please be honest and candid so we can improve your X Gym as much as possible!
     Please rate the trainer listed in the title above on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. If you have already rated this trainer before, that's fine, because it's helpful for us to know when things change too!
Required 1.
Is this trainer professional and courteous to you?

1. This trainer is severely lacking compared to what I would expect.
2. Below average.
3. About average.
4. Better than what I would expect.
5. This trainer is exceptionally professional and courteous.
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Required 2.
Does this trainer effectively instruct you on all of your exercises (i.e. correct form, accurate counting, clear explanations, etc.)?

1. Severely lacking. I felt confused with their instruction and/or explanations.
2. This trainer seems below average.
3. About average.
4. Better than most.
5. This trainer has an exceptionally clear and superior instructional stye.
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Required 3.
How would you rate this trainer's knowledge and ability to answer your questions?

1. Severely lacking and/or unconfident.
2. This trainer has some brushing up to do.
3. About average.
4. Better than most. I feel like I can get the answers I need.
5. This trainer has exceptional knowledge and has answered any question I have had.
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Required 4.
Does this trainer's personal fitness and physique inspire you to listen to their advice?

1. Not at all.
2. Not so much, because they have some work to do on them self.
3. They are in better shape than me, but they could improve more, since they are a trainer.
4. Yes, they look like they walk the talk.
5. This trainer has mastered or surpassed the fitness level I dream of achieving.
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Required 5.
Did this trainer listen to you and focus on you the entire session?
Not much. They seemed detached and/or rushed and/or talked about their own stuff too much.
Somewhat, but they still could focus more on me and listen better.
Sure, they seem adequate.
This trainer effectively directed their focus toward me and away from them self.
Absolutely. This trainer made me feel like the most important client they have.
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Required 6.
What is the intensity level of your workout when working with this trainer?
Way too easy. It feels like a traditional trainer from 24 Hour Fitness.
Easy, but slightly challenging.
This trainer is about what I would expect at the X Gym.
Super hard and higher intensity than most.
This trainer works me harder than anyone!
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Required 7.
If you were the judge and jury (and you are, actually), what would be your final verdict?
Get rid of this trainer right away. They are definitely not a fit.
I can see potential, so keep them for now and see if they improve.
This trainer is probably a keeper and looks like they will get better with time.
This trainer is better than most.
If you make the huge mistake of letting this trainer go, I'll be ticked!
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(Optional comment section) You may have already commented above within the comment boxes, but if there are some additional issues not addressed in these questions, or if you have any ideas, concerns, compliments or complaints you would like to express, please do so in the box below. This could range from "This trainer always starts on time and spends the time with me that I need," to "This trainer has bad breath," or anything in between. We love input - and remember this survey is completely anonymous, so please be candid.

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