EMUE Web Scripting Training Survey
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Who is your instructor? 

Lisa Atchison
Kelly Blackmon
Matthew Kelly
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How likely would you be to recommend this class to other new EMUE users?
Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely       
Required 3.
How useful are the training materials?
Use them for scratch paper Missing key information Neutral Useful from time to time It's all I need       
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Would you want to attend another class by this instructor? 

Absolutely Not If I had to Neutral Very likely Sign me up       
Required 5.

How applicable was the training to your scripting needs? 

I'll never use any of it Too much information Neutral Some useful information I plan to use several new concepts       
Required 6.
Please rate your understanding the concepts covered in this training session.
 We covered that? I'm calling support I'll find it in the helpfile I need practice I get it N/A 
SetStartUp Configurations
Reading from Excel/Access
If Statements/For Loops
Web Script Builder
Webscript Commands
Scheduling EMUE scripts
Date Commands
Working with Lists
EMUE User Interface
Required 7.
Do you feel that the length of the training was:
Too long
Too short
Just right
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Do you feel the pace of the class was: 

Too slow
Too fast
Just right
Required 9.

Describe your scripting experience before this class. 

No experience Have knowledge I build from existing scripts I start from scratch        
What suggestions do you have for trainings in the future?

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