RVCCArts Post-Performance Evaluation
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We at RVCCArts value your own and your students’ opinions of both our offerings and our service to you.  By completing this survey, you can help us to work more successfully with you today and to plan for a more succesful future.

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Which performance are you evaluating? (Please indicate title/date/time.)

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Overall rating of performance (please choose one):

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Was this performance age appropriate for your students?

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Please comment on any support material for this performance and suggest changes you would make, if any.  If you conducted any follow-up discussion or activities, please describe any results you thought significant or interesting.


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Please comment on the conduct of the artist(s), office staff and event staff, with respect to their interactions with you and your students.  Note any areas in which you feel there could have been improvement or tell us of any areas you considered exemplary.


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If there is an active arts-in-education program in your school or community, in what way, if any, did you integrate this performance into it?


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Designate the means by which you funded your attendance:

School Funds
Public Grant
Corporate Grant
Fund raisers
Other service organization

Briefly, describe any historical or literary figure, historic or social event, or particular culture you would like to see represented in a performance.


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Briefly, describe any arts-in-education activities you would like us to make available to you or your students.


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Please comment on your desire and ability to participate again and/or make any comment not covered above:


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Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following aspects of the event.

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Convenience of location
Ease of parking
Reservation and payment process
Seating process
Study materials
Dismissal process
Overall experience
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