Media Training Survey
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Required 1.
What is your current or most recent coaching role ?
Please tick the appropriate box or boxes below 
Coach of Young Players Under 18years of age
Coach of Adult ( over 18 years of age ) Pro or Semi Pro players
Coach of College Players
Technical Director / Director of Coaching
Grassroots Coach
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Required 2.
Can you list below the sort of media interview situations you experience ( or experienced )  as part of your coaching role e.g. pre-match/post-match; weekly 
If none please write NONE 

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Required 3.
Can you tell us below the biggest problems you have in making the most of media interviews ?
If No Problems experienced please write NONE

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Required 4.
If you would value feedback on a video interview of yourself - Would you be able to provide a link to an example of such a video or be able to upload an example of such a video? 
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Required 5.

What skills would you want to improve from enrolling on a course to help you with Media Interviews ?

Can you outline below please 


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Required 6.
Which aspects of an online course focusing on Media Interviews would you value ?

Please tick the appropriate boxes below and we would welcome your comments in the comments box below 
Examples of Good Practice
Examples of Bad Interviews
Creating a Template for you to evaluate your own interviews
Feedback on your video interviews
Forum discussion with fellow coaches
Generic Advice for all Video Interview Situations
How to deal with questions in specific interview scenarios e.g. post game
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